2-EZ HS Ergopack


The productivity of the innovative Combi Ergopack® has been raised with the addition of our side-belt driven, high speed case erectors. Now an even larger variety of product sizes, shapes, weights and materials can be quickly and easily packed in a larger range of case sizes at speeds up to 20 cases per minute.


  • Ergonomically designed hands free case indexing system reduces reach and wrist movements
  • Lifting of products is significantly reduced, resulting in fewer back injuries and discomfort
  • Reduces costly physical stressors associated with manual case erecting, hand packing and sealing
  • Ideal for short runs – quick case changeovers
  • Increases profits through increased productivity
  • A compact and cost effective workcell results from combining a high speed case erector, a handpack station and a case sealer
  • Available in stainless steel, washdown components for the food and chemical industries
  • Thoroughly customized design to meet your application and product requirements


  • 2-EZ SB Ergopack   15cpm
  • 2-EZ SB PLUS Ergopack   12cpm
  • 2-EZ HS Ergopack   20cpm


All CPS equipment carries a 12 month (single shift) warranty (parts and labour) given normal wear and tear

2-EZ SB Ergopack L W H
Min. 203 152 127
Max. 508 406 406
2-EZ Plus SB Ergopack L W H
Min. 203 152 127
Max. 610 406 406
2-EZ HS Ergopack L W H
Min. 203 152 127
Max. 610 406 457