The Maillis Mancon Ring Wrapper, which can be positioned at the end of a palletizing unit or located within a pallet conveying line, provides for the automatic indexing, stretch wrapping, film cutting and ejection of the wrapped pallet to a discharge conveyor system or operated as stand alone system with loading and unloading by forklift. The Mancon is suitable for high throughput production lines.

Standard options

  • Two models available: Mancon 1710 and Mancon 2265
  • Wide range of motorised conveyors
  • Up to 15 selectable, programmable wrap cycles
  • No wrap (transit) cycle
  • Patented infra-red film cutting and seaming system
  • Wrap height of 2100mm (load and pallet)
  • Siemens S7-300 PLC and Proface HMI
  • Machine safety system including: guarding, light curtains, etc.
  • External wrap program selection
  • Interfacing signals for pallet transfer with external conveyor systems


  • 415VAC 3PH 50Hz power supply
  • 6 bar, clean & dry compressed air
  • 24VDC control voltage

Technical specifications

  • Fully automatic operation with touchscreen HMI for operator functions and setup
  • Motorised film pre-stretch carriage with easy load film system, variable ratio pre-stretch values from 100% to 350%
  • Capacity of up to 130 pallets per hour, dependant upon the number of wraps and height of pallet
  • Rotation speed up to 50rpm (Mancon 1710) or 40rpm (Mancon 2265)
  • Max pallet and load dimensions
    – Mancon 1710 – 1200mm x 1200mm
    – Mancon 2265 – 1600mm x 1600mm
  • Machine guarded to Category 3
  • Conveyor weight capacity up to 2000kg
  • Profibus & Bluetooth technologies for machine inputs/outputs
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • All electrical/electronic components are commercially available


  • Multiple carriages with automatic film carriage changeover facility
  • Topsheet applicator – roll width from 1200mm to 2000mm
  • Pallet lifter
  • Pantograph pressure platen for unstable loads and/or extra securing of topsheet during wrap cycle
  • Roping device for custom wrapping cycles
  • Low wrapping/topsheet film warning
  • Pallet weights in excess of 2000kg
  • Allen Bradley PLC’s, HMI’s and VSD’s
  • Devicenet machine inputs/outputs and motor control
  • Wide selection of switchgear and electrical component brands
  • No lube technology
  • Extended wrapping heights available


All SIAT equipment carries a 12 month (single shift) warranty (parts and labour) given normal wear and tear.