HM11-TB/B hot melt carton sealer

hm11tb hot melt carton sealer

HM11-TB/B hot melt carton sealer


Fixed size, manually adjustable, hot melt carton sealer with flap folder. Automatic Hot Melt carton sealer with side driven belts and manual dimensioning is suitable to seal the upper and lower parts of boxes of the same size coming from the filling line. It doesn’t require the presence of an operator except for the glue adjustments and feeding.
The box coming from a filling station, with the bottom part sealed, is taken and driven through the drive belts inside the machine, where injectors apply 4 strips of Hot Melt glue. The upper and lower flaps, after being folded, are kept in place by suitable pressure until the next box arrives.
The HM11-TB/B Hot Melt carton sealer is equipped with an anti-accident guard with panels which prevents the operator from coming into contact with the moving parts or high temperatures parts of the carton sealer machine.


  • HM11 (top sealer)
  • HM11TB (top and bottom sealing)
  • Automatic top carton flaps-folder device
  • Manual adjustment on the different box sizes (width, height, length) by handles
  • 240v single phase (standard) 3 phase available on request
  • Compressed air required
  • Pneumatic top flap folder
  • Safety emergency stops
  • Robatech Hot Melt System
  • 4 spreading valves included
  • Generator allows glue temperature & volume
  • Memorisation of sealing programs
  • Timer setting to allow pre-heating adjustment
  • Production capacity up to 1000 boxes/hour
  • Adjustable working height 500 – 750 mm


  • Castors
  • Nordson Hot Melt System


All CPS equipment carries a 12 month (single shift) warranty (parts and labour) given normal wear and tear

HM11-TB/B hot melt carton sealer L W H
Min. 200 150 150
Max. 600 500 500
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