Carton Sealers

CPS offers high-quality equipment for every step of your packaging pipeline, including an extensive range of carton sealers. Carton sealers increase the efficiency of your packing line.

Explore our range of semi-automatic, semi-auto-random & automatic carton sealers below. Closure options vary by unit, with tape and hot melt sealing machines available. Our range covers more basic sealers for smaller operations, up to fully automated, no operator machinery for large warehouses.

Our highly qualified technical team provides installation services, expert training & ongoing service support for our carton sealing machines. View our complete range below, or contact our specialised team for further advice and information.

SIAT SK20 carton sealing machine


Fixed size, manually adjustable top and bottom drive carton sealing machine.

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S8/4 Carton Sealer


Fixed size, manually adjustable, side drive carton sealing machine for low profile cartons.

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XL36 carton sealer


Side drive, manually adjusted carton sealing machine for large cartons.

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XL46 carton sealer


Side drive, semi-automatic random carton sealing machine for large cartons.

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PS50-TB Carton Sealer


Semi-automatic box filling/erecting/sealing packing station, manual set according to the different carton sizes for forming, manual filling and sealing of...

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SM11 carton sealer


Fixed size 4 flap closing carton sealing machine with manual carton size changing, no operator required.

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SM44 Carton Sealer


Fully automatic random size carton sealing machine. This machine offers the possibility to centralize the random carton sealing of several...

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