Atlanta Stretch Omega Rotating Ring Palletwrapper

Omega Rotating Ring Palletwrapper

Atlanta Stretch Omega Rotating Ring Palletwrapper Stretch Wrapping Machine

The fastest fully automatic rotating ring machine in the world for wrapping palletised loads.

The pallet wrapping machines with rotary ring are the top of the range, first for technology and innovation among the Stretch wrapping machines for packing of Atlanta Stretch.

They are machines completely automatic that do not need any intervention by the operator, and allow the application of a film of plastic material around the pallet for protecting it and preserving it in transport and storing.

Stretch wrapping machine with rotary ring features:

It is the only external pre-pressing machine, that does not use electrical contacts on the ring or other complicated and expensive systems of current generation; in fact, compared to those of competitors, it does not need maintenance and it does not have rotary electrical parts that can wear and brake.

Control of the stretching of the film can be varied by the Display operator, contrary to many other machines that have a very approximate control of pre-pressing.

The wrapping machine with rotary ring is the most performing also as far as productivity is concerned; in fact, it is the speediest, able to produce up to 140 pallets/h!

It is the only machine that mounts a 40 kg jumbo reel, able to save time and money, by avoiding continuous changes and interventions by the operator.

The stretch wrapping machine with rotary ring is suitable for particularly important production requirements, and is used by manufacturers, industries and commercial businesses inside automated transport lines to reduce the operator’s intervention and speeding the passages among the various production, and packing, stages of the pallet.

The pallet can be wrapped including a cover top to make it sealed to water and dust; it is inserted before and during the wrapping sequence depending on the requirements.

Technical Characteristics

Wrapping programs model OMEGA 5,7″ TOUCH screen operating panel with 7 Programs
Standard diagonal pallet 1700 mm (Pallets 1200 x 1200 mm)
Optional diagonal pallets 2050 / 2250 mm
Adjustable rotation speed facilitated by frequency changer Max 65 rpm *
Soft stop / start facilitated by frequency changer STANDARD SUPPLY
Precise arm phase stopping at cycle end STANDARD SUPPLY
Carriage braking system Power Pre-Stretch One Motor PRS
Standard Wrapping height 2000 mm
Optional wrapping height 2200 / 2700 / 3000 mm
Photocell detection of load height STANDARD SUPPLY
Adjustable Spool carriage speed facilitated by inverter From 1,3 up to 5,4 m/min
Upwards Spool carriage speed Independently settable
Downwards Spool carriage speed Independently settable
Standard conveing transport height From 450 up to 550mm
Total installed power 8 Kw
Standard voltage 400 V – 50/60 Hz – 3 Ph + N + T
Electrical and motor protection system IP 54
Pneumatic pressure 6 bar
Output capacity 110 Pallets per Hour **
* Depending on configuration
** Depending on film quality and working environment Wrapping conditions and pallet dimensions have an influence on the Max output capacity


CPS Packaging also service all ATLANTA Stretch Omega Rotating Ring Palletwrappers.


All ATLANTA equipment carries a 12 month (single shift) warranty (parts and labour) given normal wear and tear.

We are still fully functional through COVID-19, following all government guidelines to keep you safe during installations.
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