Bee Wrap


BeeWrap is the mobile wrapping machine suitable for wrapping every pallet shape, dimensions and weight with stretch film. It is provided with a digital control panel that allows, in a very easy and functional way, to manage programs and to set the wrapping parameters.

Standard options

  • Gel batteries
  • Photocell for black film or coloured products
  • Remote control


  • Wrapping of smaller & lighter loads
  • Higher absolute wrapping height (2250 mm)
  • Longer battery autonomy
  • Reduced packaging size
  • Easy & fast installation

Key Features

  • For pallets of height up to 2100 mm
  • Only 1150 mm free space needed around the load to operate
  • Safety bumper
  • Operation indicator light and beeper
  • 2 x 12V lead acid battery with incorporated battery charger
  • Rudder for easy motorised robot moving
  • Adjustable height tracing wheel
  • Rear forklift access
  • Reclining column for easy shipment and movement
  • Advanced and user-friendly control panel
  • Film carriage with clutch (mechanical or electromagnetic – M/FM) or powered prestretch (LP – 200%)
  • Pallet height photocell
  • Up to 300 pallets without recharging*

* Test Conditions: lead acid batteries + pallet dimensions 800 x 1200 x 1500 (h) + up & down cycle + 2 top wraps & 2 bottom wraps + film tension 10daN


All SIAT equipment carries a 24 months (single shift) warranty (parts and labour) given normal wear and tear.