Vertical Conveyor

Speed up your production pipeline with a CPS vertical conveyor system. A vertical conveyor is a machine that uses ascending and descending product flow to transport packages from one level to another on the warehouse floor - a must-have for your warehouse automation system.

Amongst our range of comprehensive packaging solutions is the Prorunner Mk5 vertical conveyor. A versatile machine, which safely transports various products, including boxes, cases, trays and bags, and can operate as a vertical sorter when combined with retractable sorters.

Our vertical conveyors come with in-depth training provided by our installation team and are backed by a 12-month warranty. The CPS service, support and national spare parts team also provide 24/7 coverage.

Read more about our range below, or get in touch to discuss how one of our vertical conveyors can improve your current warehouse set-up.

We are still fully functional through COVID-19, following all government guidelines to keep you safe during installations.
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