YG-312 Automatic Strapping Machine

Semi automatic strapping machine


Straps up to 40 straps a minute. Either by pressing the start button or the foot pedal, it straps a carton then feeds the strap into the arch ready for the next.


  • Temperature cooling time and strap tension are all adjustable.
  • Arch size is suitable for larger boxes.


Model YG-312 Automatic Strapping Machine
Power Source 240v Single Phase
Packing Speed 40 Strap / minute
Tension Force 0-45kg
Hot-adhering Position Bottom
Table Height 850mm
Strap Feed Auto Feed of Strap
Frame 1. Standard Size: W650mm x H500mm (inner size)
2. Material: aluminum alloy frame (it’s possible to customize size)
Strap Size Width 9-12mm, thickness 0.5-0.8mm
Applicable Strap Spool Inner Diameter: 210mm
Machine Dimensions L1180mm × W620mm × H1430mm


All CPS equipment carries a 12 month (single shift) warranty (parts and labour) given normal wear and tear

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