YG-2000B Power Pre Stretch Pallet Wrapper


Suitable for companies that are wrapping on average 30+ pallets.


  • Cycles for film carriage up and down
  • Top wraps for pallet
  • Bottom wraps for pallet
  • Top wait function
  • Reset
  • Manual control for turntable rotation
  • Manual control for film carriage up
  • Manual control for film carriage down
  • Speed control for turntable
  • Up and down speed control for film carriage
  • Run/stop
  • Manual/auto option
  • Power on/off


Power supply 240V single phase
Speed of turntable 0~10rpm ADJUSTABLE
Film LLDPE film, inside diameter 75 mm
width<=500mm, out diameter<= 280mm
Diameter of turntable 1500mm
Mast height 2700mm; Pallet H: 2300mm
Pallet weight Max. Load: 2000kg
PLC Omron, LCD: standard
PDEStretch 200%


All CPS equipment carries a 12 month (single shift) warranty (parts and labour) given normal wear and tear

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