Contract Packaging Systems (CPS) prides itself on supplying the highest quality packaging equipment to the Australian market, which is all backed by our dedicated technical service team. 

CPS offers a wide range of SIAT packaging machinery and other premium brands such as Atlanta Stretch and YGEN8. CPS can develop a more efficient packaging system for your production floor requirements. This can be done by using our semi-automatic or fully automatic machines, which at times may require customisation.

Our complete product range includes various carton erectors, bag inserters, carton sealers and pallet wrapping machines, as well as our Prorunner vertical conveyor systems and battery-operated strapping tools.

All machinery distributed by CPS boasts fast and reliable integration accompanied by expert training available at installation. With the ease of use and varying levels of automation, our machinery enables you to design a packaging pipeline tailored to your business.

CPS provides complete servicing and preventative maintenance for all of our SIAT, YGEN8 and Atlanta Stretch machines. CPS also has the ability to service many other brands when required. All CPS equipment come with a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind. 

Contact us to learn more about our product range and the best packaging solutions for your business.